Cremation in Spartanburg, SC 

When you're making the final arrangements for a loved one, the choice between burial and cremation is often one of the biggest. Many people don't realize that choosing cremation doesn't limit your options for the ceremony or final resting place. There can still be a casket at the funeral, and the cremated remains can still be interred at the local cemetery. Cremation has become increasingly popular in recent decades, however, because it opens up additional options that aren't possible with conventional burials.

While many funeral homes subcontract cremations to a third party provider and have little or no control over the crematory's operating procedures, we at Eggers Funeral Home have our own crematory on-site. This keeps the remains in our care only and saves the family from incurring additional transportation expenses and needless delay.

Eggers Funeral Home also offers several options to ensure your individual cremation and service needs are met. We offer a wide selection of urns and cremation caskets (if traditional services are requested). The video below gives an overview of cremation options. The video is provided by Wilbert, one of the cremation urn companies with whom we are proud to partner.

What is the difference between a Funeral, Memorial, and Cremation Service?

The only real difference between a funeral followed by burial and one followed by cremation is that with a cremation service, the body is taken to our crematory after the service instead of being taken to the cemetery. If you desire, a "receiving of friends" or visitation may precede the services at the funeral home or place of service. Following the funeral, the body is cremated in the casket or placed in a special cremation container. After cremation, a public or private service may be arranged for the final placement of the cremated remains, whether it be a cemetery or a sentimentally special place for casting. Many memorial services now make a point of celebrating life, rather than dwelling on the loss.

 What Are the Advantages of Cremation?


Cremation is popular for a number of reasons, including the fact that it tends to be less expensive. A conventional burial plot isn't necessary with cremation, and that can be a significant expense in itself. In addition to allowing the family to delay the memorial service, cremation opens up the possibility of spreading the remains in a place of sentimental significance. Especially when you're thinking of public or populated spaces, it's important to check local and state regulations regarding the casting of remains, and Eggers Funeral Home can help explain any potential issues. We can also provide you with a wide selection of urns and other memorials for the home if you would like to remain physically close to your loved one.

How Can I Be Sure I Receive the Correct Remains?

We have a rigorous set of operating policies and procedures in place to maximize our level of professional service to you and your family. Positive identification of the deceased is assured throughout each stage of the cremation process, and we only allow certified professionals to operate our cremation equipment. Our crematory is one of the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art, computer-controlled units available. With our unique identification procedures, you can rest assured your loved one will be returned to you.

For families around Spartanburg, SC we strive to provide attentive and conscientious service at Eggers Funeral Home.