Love and Memories

A group grief support program providing a safe and nurturing environment to begin or continue the healing process...

In May 2009, Eggers launched a grief support group for bereaved families, holding monthly meetings for families that wished to come together and share their experiences with loss.

It was decided at the outset that the ministry of Love and Memories would be one that was open to the community at large, regardless of when a death occurred or if the family chose Eggers at the time of need. We have served many families though this ministry and are delighted to include all those who might find comfort in our fellowship.

In our grief support group meetings, we learn that there is no one way to grieve and that everyone’s path is different in length and terrain. Knowing that many benefit from the encouragement  of God’s Word, we have also turned to Scripture to find comfort and peace for our journey. 

With our meetings, trips, holiday services, and fellowship dinners, one can see that Love and Memories has grown since its birth into a meaningful and sincere place to ease the burden of grief and sorrow in the wake of our loved one’s death.